Developing the compendium of
molecular transducers (the 'molecular map')
that respond to acute and chronic exercise.

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Ancillary Study Policy

The Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPAC) study is designed to discover and perform preliminary characterization of the range of molecular transducers (the 'molecular map') that underlie the effects of physical activity in humans. To make the best possible use of this resource, MoTrPAC encourages investigators to develop ancillary studies (AS) in conjunction with the MoTrPAC study and to involve other investigators, within and outside of MoTrPAC, in this process. Towards this end, we have developed an interactive AS approval process that facilitates the development of AS and also assures the compatibility of the proposed AS with the resources, efficient execution and mission of the overall MoTrPAC program.

In order to assure that an AS does not negatively impact the success of the overall MoTrPAC study, all AS proposals must be approved by the MoTrPAC Steering Committee prior to submission to a funding agency/organization and before implementation. Prior to grant submission,
  • Investigators must submit their AS proposals to the MoTrPAC Ancillary Study Committee at least 2 months in advance of any planned grant submission deadline. (Click green button below to begin the submission process)
  • The Ancillary Study Committee (ASC) will review the proposals.
  • Proposals approved by the ASC will be forwarded to the MoTrPAC Steering Committee and the MoTrPAC Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) for evaluation and final approval.
  • After a proposal is approved by the MoTrPAC Steering Committee and DSMB, the AS investigators will receive letters of support from the MoTrPAC ASC to include in their grant applications.